Introduction to ComAp controllers

What is a ComAp controller?

Each ComAp controller has three key elements:


The physical product which is custom, in-house designed hardware featuring input and output terminals for data collection and control (binary, analogue, CAN, Modbus, Ethernet, etc.) and communication interfaces for remote monitoring and management. 


The programming within the controller that is designed to make the controller function. Different firmware enables different functions in the controller.


PC-based or mobile software allowing for configuration, control, management and monitoring of ComAp and third-party control systems. Our software is graphics based and no coding knowledge is required.


ComAp’s hardware is designed with extensive market consultation using our many years of experience and knowledge.

Each product features essential inputs and outputs, and many of our controllers have the flexibility to have their inputs/outputs and communication features expanded with the use of slot in modules. This enables flexibility, and allows customers to only purchase what they need for their particular installation.

ComAp also has a range of accessories for our control products which enable more features such as enhanced communications, GPS monitoring, and control of third party products and devices.

All our hardware is designed at our headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic and undergoes thorough testing both in our research and development department and at independent testing organisations.


The firmware within every ComAp controller comes with pre-programmed functions that automate the actions you would have to otherwise program using PLC. A ‘function’ is a set of logic algorithms serving a purpose, like protecting a gen-set from power backflow.

Depending on the controller type and configuration the firmware can allow the controller to:

  • Measure and monitor values
      • Electrical values: voltage, current, frequency
      • Power sources: engines, generators, batteries, inverters, fuel cells
      • Calculate values, such as the power output
      • Mechanical/analog values, such as oil pressure or water temperature
  • Command
      • Start/stop of the power sources
      • Open/close breakers
  • Regulate output values
      • Controls voltage and reactive power
      • Regulates the engine’s speed control (frequency and active power)
  • Protect power sources 
      • Stops the engine in case of a malfunction
      • ANSI codes compliancy: 25 (Synchronism check), 32P (Load Shedding), 81R (ROCOF), etc.
      • Real-time alarms 
  • Manage various energy sources and priotise them
      • Constraints from energy load banks availabilities (fuel availability, prioritisations, spot price)
      • Constraints from the grid (frequency, grid codes)


ComAp has software for monitoring, management and configuration of assets. This software makes it easier for customers to monitor, program and understand what is happening with their installations. 

One of the most important and useful software products in ComAp’s suite is InteliConfig. Unlike industrial Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) where customers can spend weeks manually coding the control logic from scratch, ComAp’s control systems are set up with InteliConfig software which is much easier and requires less technical experience. For example, setting up pressure sensors may take several hours in industrial PLC, but can be done within minutes with InteliConfig. InteliConfig is an intuitive, drag-and-drop software tool enabling simple and effective configuration and commissioning of controllers

InteliConfig allows a user to:

  • Configure controllers to perform specific functions and behaviours
      • Using an easy to use drag and drop PLC editor
      • Or start with the pre-programmed function examples
  • Update controller firmware
  • Update programming and configuration files to multiple controllers at once, saving time and commissioning costs
  • Securely monitor and manage installations using the latest IT security protocols

Benefits of ComAp controllers:

Flexible & Scalable
solutions that help you save time when designing and setting up your energy system

Top-tier cyber security protection
using a security by design approach

User-friendly approach
and easy-to-use-interface for all elements, helping you do more in less time

Suitable for any type of application
from simple to complex ones

Power source agnostic
Our solutions can control any power source

Brand agnostic
Complementary with any OEM/packager

Industry recognised certifications
CE, UL, UK CA, Marine certifications

Compliance with international Grid code requirements

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