Optimise your fleet’s operations and eco footprint with bi-fuel technology

Convert your diesel engine to run on natural gas and/or hydrogen with one of the most advanced technologies on the market. ComAp’s solution will help you accelerate your energy transition journey, run your fleet more efficiently and with reduced emissions.

Use the technology that works best for your project

Substitute diesel for gas, hydrogen or both

Diesel + Gas

Save up to 70% on diesel costs and reduce engine emissions by integrating gas as your primary fuel source

Diesel + Hydrogen

Add hydrogen to your engine to lower your environmental impact, diesel consumption, and improve the performance of your engine

Diesel + Gas + Hydrogen

Use a tri-fuel system and optimise your operation costs, improve your engine efficiency and move significantly faster on your path to net zero emissions

Outstanding injection type options for all engine types and applications

High pressure single point injection for high-speed engines

A cost-effective solution enabling the ComAp controller to control fuel portioning for your cylinders with great precision, safety and high efficiency

Suitable for

Mining trucks Rail transport Marine Oil and gas

High pressure multipoint injection for all engine types

An area where ComAp stands out, this type of injection gives you greater control over individual cylinders and helps you to reduce the risk of methane leaks

Suitable for

Marine Rail transport Minning trucks Oil and gas

Low pressure fumigation for high-speed engines

A reliable, widely-used system for scenarios where high pressure injection is unsuitable

Suitable for

Off shore Oil and gas Power generation

How it works


ComAp has solutions for both stationery and mobile engine applications. Our simple bi-fuel conversion system modifies your original diesel engine so that it uses gas as the main fuel, which helps to substantially reduce your operating costs.

The system works by introducing gas into the engine and then electronically controlling the gas flow depending on engine speed, output power and operating behaviours. All this is done without compromising the engine's power output, running time or maintenance schedule. 

InteliBifuel controller is a fully programmable solution designed for any single speed Bi-fuel application, such as Oil & Gas, Mining and Rental. The controller has an algorithm that does automatic compensation for gas quality change, i.e. automatically adjusts the amount of gas in the engine to the quality of the fuel.
InteliBifuel Denox is a unique anti-knocking engine protection controller, specifically designed for bi-fuel applications to ensure proper detonation is always maintained while the engine is working.
Our solutions work with any type of gas: natural gas, hydrogen, natural gas + hydrogen combination, flare gas, synthesis gas, LPG, landfill gas, biogas.
This solution comes in an easy-to-fit package which converts your diesel engine to run primarily on gas. ComAp has solutions for both stationary and mobile engines, helping you to be more sustainable and optimise costs with either solution.

Hydrogen naturally helps to reduce carbon emissions and particulate matter (PM) exhausts from diesel combustion engines. With our diesel and hydrogen bi-fuel solution, your engine can easily switch between the two fuels and replace up to 30% of diesel usage with hydrogen. Hydrogen has a faster rate of flame propagation, which in return increases the engine's efficiency. 

Using our solution to replace diesel with hydrogen will ensure greater energy stability and help you optimise costs, decrease your reliance on carbon fuels and reduce your emissions.

ComAp’s tri-fuel solution combines the benefits of natural gas and hydrogen together in a bi-fuel mode. Replacing diesel with this combination can help reduce the emission of pollutant gasses and particulate matter (PM), optimise the work of the engine and decrease your fuel expenses.

By using and combining the different fuel mixtures, you can reduce your diesel usage by 60%. The hydrogen and gas are injected indirectly as close to each intake channel in the cylinder head as possible. This is done using the Multi-Point Injection (MPI) method, which enables precise dosing of the mixture of hydrogen and gas for each cylinder and ensure safe operation of the engine. 

Key advantages and benefits

Flexible operations

  • Maintains diesel engine output in every situation
  • Smooth and fully automatic transition between diesel and bi-fuel operation
  • High level of engine protection, individual cylinder knocking and temperature monitoring
  • Automatic gas adaptation enabling the most efficient operation in every phase of engine use
  • Easy switch between the systems without any interruptions

Optimised operational expenses and emissions

  • Significant engine emissions reductions - NOx, PM, Sox, CO2
  • Improved operational efficiency 
  • Diesel consumption reduced up to 70%

Complete control of bi-fuel operations

  • Upgrade for any existing diesel engine (retrofit solution) as well as for a brand new build solution (OEMs)
  • Precise Hydrogen injection control through Multi-Point injectors to each cylinder

Fuel Flexibility

  • Extended runtimes without refuelling 
  • Maintaining the output and  transient performance of the diesel engine 

What our customers say

Get a complete solution

We support your bi-fuel project with a complete solution, from start to end. 

We provide:

  • Consulting
  • Design of the entire solution
  • Commissioning the project
  • After-project support

Let us know what are your requirements and we will develop a tailored solution for you. 

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