Manage your fleet securely from anywhere in the world

Get a comprehensive overview of the status of your devices, their exact location and all important data with ComAp's WebSupervisor via your PC or mobile device.

WebSupervisor is a secure cloud-based application that enables remote monitoring, device management and data analysis of ComAp and third-party devices. 

The system offers powerful reporting and sophisticated analysis tools, trends and heat maps that give you additional added value and help you to optimise the work of your power generation fleet.  

Key features

Enhanced Security Protection
Multifactor Authentication for added security and user authentication

List of Devices and Map View
Allowing device tracking and geofencing, giving you an overview of all your devices on one screen

Enhanced Data for Decision Making
Statistics dashboard, powerful reporting and data analysis tools helping you to optimise the revenue for your gen-set fleet, reduce maintenance costs and increase gen-set up-time

Alarm Notification
Alerts for crucial events via email or a mobile phone, providing an overview about the actual state of a device or site

User Activity Log
Shows the history logs from every user’s actions to help you understand what happened if an issue occurs and determine if it was caused by human error or by mechanical fault

Allowing you to download and store complete data from WebSupervisor on your premises and potentially integrate it in CRM, ERP, PowerBI or other third-party software

Top-level security for your data and fleet operations

Securing your data and operations is our top priority. WebSupervisor runs on Microsoft Azure’s servers, which are one of the most secure cloud servers. 

For an enhanced level of security, WebSupevisor has multifactor authentication (MFA). With MFA, users are required to identify themselves by more than a username and password, and have to respond to MFA push notifications, which are helping strengthen the protection of your account from potential cyber security threats. 

How it works

WebSupervisor simplifies remote managing and monitoring for different applications and use cases.

For example the GPS monitoring, fuel-level alarms and detailed usage data enables rental fleet operators to maximise revenue. For CHP customers, the many reporting and management toolshelp ensure that each cogeneration plant is operating at peak efficiency and generating he most revenue possible. These features are also useful for telecom operators to ensure that their telecom towers are operating withing the defined operational parameters.

The application can help our customers save more fuel, make the most of clean energy sources and decrease their carbon footprint. 

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