Automatic monitoring of wholesale electricity prices for smarter energy use

Optimise your electricity expenses with our Spot Price Dispatch Tool. Spot Price Dispatch automatically monitors the wholesale electricity prices set by the market operators, using the main power only when financially optimal and activating a facility’s own gen-set systems in other cases, leading to lower electricity costs. This service is currently available only for Australia and Singapore, but we are planning to extend it to other territories in the near future.

Key features

Automated Monitoring
Automatically monitor wholesale electricity prices based on internet published data

Cloud-based Tool
Using secure Microsoft Azure servers

Top-level Security
Your data and services are more secure

Very high mean time between failures (MTBF) which contributes to a longer uptime

Smooth Source Transition
Transition from different power sources smoothly, including gen-sets to PV, wind, and more

Stable System
Ensuring reliable power at all times

Global Technical Support
Strong local support from ComAp’s subsidiaries and distributors in 179 countries

How it works

In various places globally different companies may be granted access to wholesale electricity pricing via their electricity market operators. This means that their electricity pricing can be cheaper than the normal retail price,  however, it also means that they are subject to large price fluctuations when energy demand increases, such as unexpected summer heatwaves.

Companies that have their own hybrid microgrids can measure the price fluctuation and only use the electricity retailer's power when it’s financially convenient, and then when the price goes up they can rely on their own power production. However, monitoring the price fluctuations manually is a demanding task. ComAp’s Spot Price Dispatch (SPD) automates and simplifies the whole process.

The tool works on Microsoft Azure servers and receives the information on prices from the market operator. When the price meets the predetermined high price threshold, the SPD sends a signal to the customer´s hybrid controller to start. When the price drops back down, the reverse happens. In addition, SPD also helps organisations to make the best of the low prices, e.g., charge the batery energy storage systems (BESS) when price is low.

This all happens automatically with no human intervention required, ensuring the power stays up without any blackouts or interruptions. 

ComAp’s Spot Price Dispatch Tool is installed onservers in the Microsoft Azure datacentre. The SPDTool receives the price from market operator. All calculations and comparisons of the priceare set on the server.

If the dispatch price is reached a signal is sent to the on-site controller. The controller uses this information to change on-site processes, e.g., stop and start on-site power, ramp air conditioning or heating, turn on/off lights etc. The SPD tool works with a number of ComAp controllers.

Any InteliGen, InteliSys, InteliLite4 or InteliGateway products can be integrated with this cloud-based tool.

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